2m x 9.2cm (H) x 5cm (P)
£47.40 (Incl. VAT : £56.88 )
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Designed to be modern and simplistic, the CW-IL8 is suited to contemporary environments. Adjust the direction of light by placing the IL8 coving at different heights and directions on the wall, or combine with other profiles for a creative decoration and light source.

Ideal for indirect lighting with a handy flat ledge to house  LED strips.

  • Perfect for commercial and DIY projects and light enough for just one person to fix.
  • Pre-primed with a smooth white base layer ready to immediately paint with a non solvent decorative paint.
  • A rough back surface to ensure optimum bonding.
  • Very precise patterns and structure with exceptional resistance to breaking and shocks.
  • Water and humidity resistance makes them suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms