2m x 9.2cm (H) x 5cm (P)
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The designer of the CW-IL7 has integrated pre-existing mouldings into a new design. Simplistic lines and geometric shapes either add a touch of lightness to a classic look, or give a traditional touch to a minimalistic interior. In 2020, this creative design was given the Red Dot Design Award. The effect of the LED lighting can be influenced by varying the position of the mouldings on the wall.

Ideal for indirect lighting with a handy flat ledge to house  LED strips.

  • Perfect for commercial and DIY projects and light enough for just one person to fix.
  • Pre-primed with a smooth white base layer ready to immediately paint with a non solvent decorative paint.
  • A rough back surface to ensure optimum bonding.
  • Very precise patterns and structure with exceptional resistance to breaking and shocks.
  • Water and humidity resistant makes them suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms