Interior Design Ideas to Spruce up Your Home

Everyone has their own unique style. Whether you prefer a splash of colour in your house, or a more minimalistic approach, there are countless ways to make your home look spectacular. We’re here to help you with some interior decorating ideas that’ll make your house look like you hired a professional. Make your house a timeless masterpiece, because these ideas will never go out of style.

Incorporate Some Texture

A room feels pretty flat when everything has one texture. If it’s all just the same style of wood furniture with maybe a sofa, the room gets boring. You can add texture in many different places, such as getting a textured wall or a large textured centrepiece for your living room. 

Many times people make use of wicker, which adds a classic, yet modern look. You can even hang up a wicker-woven mural on an empty wall. If you can’t find one, try getting it custom-made. Velvet drapes, silk sheets and fluffy pillows also add some life to the room.

Add Some Colour

Everyone has their preferred colours and shades, but using them in the right combination is the key to sprucing up your space. You can make use of the rule of three, which suggests that using either a combination of 3 different colours or different shades of the same colour can make a room pop. Even if you go for grey, use three tones of grey to add some fluidity to the room.

Make Use of a Centre Piece 

A bold piece of furniture or some artwork immediately draws your eye to it and makes the room stand out. Whether it’s a red sofa in an entirely black and white room, or a large, ornate chandelier, having something to focus on in the room is important.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Small Trinkets

Some people get annoyed by small things littered across a room, but when placed strategically, they complete the look. Think of the room as a woman dressed in her best outfit, ready for a night out in the town. The small decorative pieces are her diamond necklace and star-studded earrings. From a simple vase of potpourri on the coffee table to a basket of decorative soap in the bathroom to a display of family photos on the mantel, a small item goes a long way in jazzing up a room. 

Have a Hint of Nature Indoors

There’s something about having a plant in the room that automatically makes it feel more open and welcoming. Use real indoor plants (avoid fake ones because they never have the same effect), such as bamboo stems or hanging plants to add some life to the room.

These simple ideas can help you spruce up your home without hiring an expensive interior designer.