Belgian & French Style Interior Décor

Interior décor trends vary in every country, but some of them catch global attention because of their rich aesthetic taste and then subsequently get adopted by people in different countries and different cultures. We saw how the Scandinavian decor style became so popular; it made its way into interior design trends all across the world. Other interior décor trends included the Bohemian style and the mid-century style, both of which were styled after a certain people or era. 

Another interior décor trend gaining traction nowadays is the Belgian style of interior décor. This incorporates and celebrates warm, natural hues and shades, large furniture and lots of airy and light textures. Here are some of the most noticeable features of French/Belgian interior décor, if you are considering donning your own house in this style.


Designers from this region love using extravagant mouldings and shapes to create frames on empty walls that can then be used to accentuate artistic works. An example of this type of moulding is the P3020/A corner element in the Baroque style that attaches to longer straight sections – see this blog post by a stylist creating the look in her London home.


Linen is a product that Belgium exports, so it is only natural that it has worked its way into their house-decorating trends. Linen is excessively used in Belgian interior décor, mostly in the form of window treatments. Tall curtains and drapery made from linen offer an elegant feel to the rooms they’re placed in, whilst not being too overwhelming.

Large Furniture

The Belgians like their furniture big. With oversized couches, sofas, and coffee tables, the furniture makes a huge statement due to its sheer size. Often upholstered in linen it also makes for a very welcoming introduction to people’s houses. 

Natural Light

Belgian interior décor really makes use of big windows. Large windows are encouraged to be left open with minimal window treatments to let in as much sunlight as possible. Belgian decor tries to incorporate a lot of natural elements, cutting down on artificial décor.

Use of Wood and Stone

As mentioned, Belgian décor tries to play with as many natural elements as possible. They make use of a lot of wood and stone materials, giving the houses a very warm vibe. They tend to let these elements exist in their raw natural states instead of polishing and processing them too much.  


Despite using large furniture and excessive linen, the Belgian style is very minimalistic. Using as little material as possible, they make a home out of a house. All their décor is natural, and the spaces are uncluttered and neat.

So, if you’re thinking of giving your home a Belgian makeover, open those curtains, upgrade your furniture and get rid of the clutter.