CW – FD7

2m (L) x 7cm (H) x 1.8cm (P)
£18.10 (Incl. VAT : £21.72 )
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Enhance the completeness of an interior with the cubic FD7 skirting board. A strong, geometric design highlights the clean lines found in modern decors. Combine decorative with functionality by using the FD7 to protect the wall from impact and damage.

The FD7, FD11, FD15 and FD20 are a range of products with a uniform appearance, all in different sizes for an entire living space.

The FD7 is also suitable as a panel moulding.

Minimum order quantity: 2 lengths

A lightweight HDPS skirting board which is strong and very easy to install in comparison to wood.

  • Perfect for commercial and DIY projects also light enough for just one person to fix.
  • Pre-primed with a smooth white base layer ready to immediately paint with a non solvent decorative paint.
  • A rough back surface to ensure optimum bonding.
  • Very precise patterns and structure (no knots) with exceptional resistance to breaking and shocks.
  • 100% water and humidity resistant as a result makes them suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Most skirting profiles have concealed cavities perfect for hiding cracks or cables.